Pencil probe

This probe is for the inspection of flat and less accessible surfaces, edges and rugged structures. The probe can be applied especially in aircraft and automotive industry (for rivet inspection, turbine inspection and complex structures). The probe is characterized by high sensitivity for smooth surface cracks and can be supplied in kits.


• nFe, Fe materials
• high sensitivity, good SNR
• for detection of longitudinal and transversal defects - smooth surface cracks
• instrument compatibility
• high durability

• standard outside diameter 4 mm
• standard sensor diameter 1,5 mm
• customer outside diameter
• absolute shielded and unshielded sensor
• titanium protective cover for the coils
• frequency range: 250 kHz - 1 MHz
• standard cable length: 1,8 m, 3,6 m, 4,8 m
• detachable cable
• fitted with a 4-pin Fischer connector size 102 (standard)