We offer services in consulting, technical support, training and inspection. Our staff has years of experience in the field of NDT and is certified according to EN 9712 UT level 2, level 3 and ET level 3.

Our services cover both partial or complete solutions for your applications. We will design a probe for a specific application, as well as complete robotic system, manipulator or create 2D, 3D coordinate systems according to customer requirements.

We offer training and consulting in the field of eddy currents. Teaching consists of theoretical and practical part of the client's requirements. Scope of course is standard and individual. We will teach you to understand the eddy currents. For further information, please contact us.

"Eddy current testing - standard"

This course covers the general and basic concepts and definitions in the field of conventional eddy currents. It includes theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part consists of basic definitions, mathematical formulas, information about instruments, equipments, application and legislation. The practical part includes various applications of conventional eddy currents.

The course is suitable for beginners.
Course duration: 1 day

"Eddy current testing - advanced"

This course except general knowledge of conventional eddy currents includes general knowledge in the areas of remote field eddy current RFT and eddy current array ECA. The course is divided into two parts: theoretical and practical.

The course is suitable for beginners and advanced. Course d
uration: 2 days

"Eddy currents - complete"

This course includes a complete education in the areas of conventional eddy current, remote field eddy current RFT, eddy current array ECA, applications in various industries and demonstration of design and construction of transducers. The course includes extensive practical training.

The course is suitable for beginners and advanced. Course duration: 4 days


Advanced courses:

„Eddy current testing – design and construction of eddy current transducers

„Eddy current testing – inspection of metal structures“                             

„Eddy current testing – inspection of composite structures“                   

„Remote field eddy current testing RFT“                                                  

„Eddy current array ECA“                                                                     

The course is suitable for beginners and advanced. Course duration according to agreement.