INDETEC ndt manufactures products for non-destructive eddy current testing and ultrasonic immersion testing. Over 25 years we produce eddy current probe, robotic systems, manipulators, x-frames and accessories for power industry, aviation, automotive, railway, petrochemical and engineering industries.

Our products can be applied in the power industry, in particular the inspection of heat exchange tubes, steam generators, pressure vessels and turbines.

In aviation, we deal with surface testing and multi-layred airframe testing, bolt-holes eddy current inspection, weld and conductive and non-conductice coatings testing, conductivity measurements, aluminum alloys sorting.

In the field of robotics, manipulators and 2D, 3D coordinate systems we produce custom-mechanical systems according to your requirements. We produce 2D and 3D x-frames for UT immersion tanks.

We also produce accessories such as transducer cables, adapters and reference standards.